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Activities & Events

October Calendar

1st & 2nd

Tuition due: $170 for the M-F Class, $95 for the MWF Classes and $75 for the T/Th & M/W Classes

1st thru 5th

The Letter "L" week.  Lots of Leaves!


Gladfest Parade, if you are joining us, plese turn in your form by 4th or 5th.

8th thru 12th

The Letter "F" week.  Fall and Firefighters!

10th & 11th

The Gladstone Firefighters will bring the fire truck and ambulance to preschool.  They will talk about fire saftey and show us their fire equipment.  It is so important to have them come.  They help the children realize that fireighters are our friends.

15th & 16th

Avon Fundraiser Orders are due

15th thru 19th

The Letter "E" week.  Eeekkk! Halloween is coming!

22nd thru 26th

The Letter "H" week.  Halloween projects.


Halloween party and parade for Mrs. Taylor's and Mrs. Brucker's T/Th classes.


Halloween party for  Mrs. Taylor's and Mrs. Ashpaugh's Pre-K classes & Mrs. Brucker's M/W class.


The children may dress in a costume and wear it during the entire preschool time.  If you would like to help with the party, which is at the end of the day before the Halloween parade, tell Cynthia Cox or watch for the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.


Parents, grandparents and anyone interested are invited to come to preschool at 11:45.  The children will parade in their costumes and sing a few songs.  This is a very short program, so come on time.


1st & 2nd 

Tuition due

7th & 8th

Classy Kids Studio will  be here for individual pictures.  A note will be sent home.

Show and Tell Tub

The teachers will start sending home the 'Show and Tell Tub' with one student each day.  Please help your child choose ONE non-breakable item to bring.

Student of the Week

We will begin this program soon.  Every child will be chosen at some time during the year.

The Preschool can always use your help with everyday items if you would care to donate.  Those items are:

  1. Kleenex - for little noses
  2. Wet wipes and Hand santizer - for little hands
  3. Snacks - for little tummies (i.e.; graham crackers, pretzels, goldfish, animal crackers & vanilla wafers)



Daily Activities


We do many projects with the children daily.  Painting, drawing, and making various crafts are just to name a few. 

They also learn songs apporpriate to the season or holiday as well as nursery rhymes and children's songs.